Selasa, 22 Mei 2018

Morning Routine #EnglishTime

Hello Guys! Welcome to first Time in hastag #EnglishTime ! In this Hastag Agna  wrote in English in accordance with his hastag! Alright! Today Agna Want to show you my morning routin everyday! So
  • Wake Up!
Definitely! :v Wake Up in time 4:30 :)

  • Shubuh Prayer

Agna islam so pray!

  • Sleep Again
I Also Sleep After Shubuh Prayer :v, Because its so Sleepy

  • Wake Up Again!
After Sleep I'am Wake Up

  • Washing Face & Brush Teet
Because agna drool :v So the smells Is So Bad!

  • Room-engine
Yeah Every Morning I did it

  • Bath
Every Person Did It! :v

  • Watching And Free Time!
I'am Also Watch upin ipin or baby bus with my two brother, and then free time! In Free Time i also Play with my handphone, Or Blogging, Or Play with my Friends!
So! That my morning routine! Thanks for read in hastag #EnglishTime ! So Yeah! I'am Agna Thank you!

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